Music Ministry

The way David wrote his Psalms about worship, you know it's more than just music at church. If you like to sing or play an instrument, and are curious about how you might participate, feel free to contact us for more information.
Worship Band
Kevin Larson
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Drums, bass, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, synth, other sundry instruments, and singers are all part of our weekly mix! To learn more, click the Worship Band Page link.

Worship Band Page
Worship Choir
Sam Young
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If you've just got to sing, or the rocks will cry out, you'd better send us an email right away! For more info, click the Worship Choir Page link...

Worship Choir Page
Seniors Serenaders
Frank & Joan Bybee
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Come join our small group of Balladeers and help us cheer and minister to the seniors at the Golden Acres Retirement Center every other Tuesday evening. It is a lot of fun, and a huge blessing to our seniors. We sing simple songs that everyone knows, so you don't have to be a chorister. You just need a big heart and like to have fun. Use the email link to the left to email Frank or Joanne for more information, or contact the church office.
We exist to: bring the experience of meaningful worship and rousing praise to those who might otherwise be found in bed or at Starbucks early on a Sunday morning.
Sunday School: 9am
AWANA: 7:30pm Wed.
1234 NW Main St Baker City, Oregon 97814 USA
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